The Underdog Project

This is a project worthy to be the story of twenty first century Africa. A time where men from an inferior position with little chance give it a go.


What is at stake is an opportunity to change your life and countless other lives through enterprise. In 2020, Africa will come of age, the continent will be home to 400 million middle class households with an appetite for consumption. 600 million internet users with e-commerce potential of $75 billion or more. Today 70% of the worlds population under the age of 30 live in Africa. This means low labor costs in 2020 as 122 million new African workers will be added to the labor market; far more than any other region in the world.


If you’re a visionary or someone remotely interested in creating wealth, these figures mean something. Meanwhile, your involvement may be constrained as you neither have millions nor thousands of dollars in the bank compared to the big guys such as KPMG, Deloitte, MTN, Glo, Safaricom, PwC, Ernst young, deVere, etcetera.


However, meet Christian Ngan owner of Madyln Cazalis an African hand made bio- chemistry company that produces oils, natural lotions, creams, soaps, masks and scrubs. Ngan’s product is distributed and sold across Cameron and other West African countries. He is changing lives by offering a better product and creating employment. It is amazing given that Ngan started off his business with only $3000 of his savings.


Meet Andrew Mupuya, a 20 year old Ugandan entrepreneur still studying but employing people older than him. Mupuya is changing and touching thousands of lives by producing 20,000 eco friendly bags each week used in restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, medical centers as well as multinational companies such as Samsung. He needed only $14 to start his business.


Real capital is found not in the millions or thousands of dollars one holds but it is found in the brains, the dreams and visions one holds passionately at heart. For wherever there is vision; pro-vision follows.

Have a start-up idea or a yearning to run business in Africa?